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Red, Yelow, Blue



I was invited to be a visiting artist at the University Of The Arts in the book arts/printmaking department and spent my time in the Borowsky Center for Publication Arts where I created an artist book in an edition of 500. The book was printed by master printer Lori Spencer on a Heidelberg KORS one-color press.
Five different colors required five individual press runs for each side of the interior pages of the book. The cover required four press runs, double-sided.
Twenty percent of the edition was kept by the UArts and I instructed a group of graduate students in the assembly process.
One hundred books in the edition are reserved for installations.

Installation at the Center for Book Arts, New York, 2002
Installation at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, 2000
meatball math

Meatball Math


Edition of 28
6” x 6” open


Hand-set wood and metal type and pressure prints printed on a Vandercook press. Binding consists of four map folds, joined to make a circle with magnet closure.
This book presents the recipe for the number of meatballs I make in one year - one thousand, four hundred and eight.




Edition of 30
6” x 8”

Cover is paste paper with letterpress title, interior is hand-set letterpress text and linoleum print. In archival envelope.
A visual trip to a landscape that is revealed bit by bit as you travel each page. The text reveals itself also little by little, transforming the subject from seal to water. The cover is a paste paper print in blues and greens to evoke water. The book is a meditation on the strength required to change.




3" x 3" x 1/4"


Folded structure of linoleum cuts on stonehenge paper, with painted book board covers. Edition of 45.

Longevity Brand


“Longevity Brand “ is a flag book structure constructed using chinese fortunes and covered with a condensed milk label. It is a fun book, full of good wishes and surprises


Milk Butter Eggs

Milk, Butter, Eggs


Edition of 16
73⁄4” x 5 3⁄4“


“Milk, Butter, Eggs,” is a visual reflection on the repetition of the daily chores at my household. The cover is an abstract shape, perhaps a dinner bell, perhaps a feather duster, surrounded by a grocery list - the eternal milk, butter, eggs. The book is a quiet meditation on the routines of daily life.









Edition of 20
4” x 6” closed


“Tides” is a book of memories both visual and poetic - a tribute to a loved one.The text is written by the artist and printed on Twinrocker handmade paper, on a Vandercook proof press, using hand set type. The text is illustrated with linoleum cuts on paste paper which unfolds into one page.
Contained within the book is an additional small book of text. Both books are held in a hand knit linen bag, evocative of a shroud. Comes with archival box.

Dreams 2008



Edition of 30
7 ” x 8”


In dreams time is meaningless, and my friend was as I knew her, years ago. Upon waking, she is gone and the idea of loss is multiplied, the loss of my friend, the loss of the past, and the loss of the possibility of connecting again. The book concludes with acceptance and a hopeful look to the future

Box of Happiness

Box of Happiness

Edition of 40
3.5" x 3.5"

Hand-set metal type and linoleum cuts printed on a Vandercook press. Paper handmade by Michelle Wilson for the artist - 50/50 abaca /cotton and shredded money.

New work: To the Ocean

Edition 6 - 15 
8.5” x 9.5” x 1”
This ode to the ocean is written by the artist and contains linocuts of various shells found at the beach. The text is hand-set in Cheltenham Italic 18pt. and is printed on Somerset paper on a Vandercook SP-15. The cover is Twin Rocker handmade paper.
Editiion of 15: Deluxe editions 1 - 5 come in handmade wooden box with items pictured below, editions 6-15 are the book only, housed in a custom archival storage box. 


Pie Book







Map books inspired by Venice

I started with the idea that maps are not too useful in Venice. Using a substrate of US nautical maps, I printed, drew and painted maps of Venice and then folded the long maps in a manner to convey the feeling of wandering and being lost. I included a grid map of Philadelphia, abstracted, to contrast with the meandering streets of Venice. The maps are sewn into a folded cover of handmade paper.

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Whale tail

Whale Tail


Edition of 10
6” x 5”


“Whale Tail” is a book in which the topic of flight is both physical and spiritual. My son is in the tub, imagining himself as a whale with wings to fly through the water. I look on and enjoy the moment. “Whale Tail” is a vignette, a brief glimpse of my child and a realization that time flashes by.

Dance of the 6 Dinner Plates

Edition of 15
8” x 7”

“Bloom” is a book in which the topic of birth is both pondered and expressed. My son was born when I was twenty-eight and “Bloom” expresses this through paste paper monoprints that extend in a long accordion and a central floral pop-up shape. The text is written by the artist and printed on Rives heavyweight paper, on a Vandercook proof press, using hand set type. Comes with archival box.

Dance of Six Dinner Plates - On a Common Table
Edition of 12
9" x 6"

Hand-set metal type, pressure prints and linoleum cuts printed on a Vandercook press. Pamphlet binding.
The title for this pamphlet comes from an 1863 broadside advertising a magic sho